WILD WEST: Ann Getty orchestrated an ultraglamorous birthday party for her composer husband, Gordon, at their San Francisco manse Saturday night, with music (from a jazz band to a Japanese punk trio) in every lavishly decorated salon.

The Italianate atrium was transformed into a Mylar-lined disco, with perma-tanned go-go dancers and a booming sound system that rattled the Matisses and Utrillos in the adjacent antiques-filled drawing room. Party designer Stanlee Gatti lathered archways with what must have been every pink rose grown in Ecuador, and the garden, with its authentic mini Taj Mahal, had been transformed into a blue grotto, complete with a caviar and vodka bar and a Milky Way of twinkling lights.

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“It’s pure enchantment,” said Alexis Traina, lounging with husband Trevor on the Georgian sofas (Ann Getty is decorating their new house, just across the street). Zem Joaquin, meanwhile, had just returned from Google founder Larry Page’s wedding on Necker Island, with the scoop that Richard Branson had officiated (mail-order minister), and that immediately after the ceremony, Page and his bride, Lucy Southworth, had kite-surfed on the beach, on custom-made kites.

Over in Los Angeles, the scene’s new Fantastic Four — Alexandra von Furstenberg, Shiva Rose, Ryan Haddon and Jacqui Getty (all single with the exception of Getty) — hosted a major holiday party at the new Beverly Hills outpost of Bond Street in Jason Pomeranc’s soon-to-be opened Thompson Beverly Hills hotel. The cocktail gathering in the second-floor lounge drew Angela Lindvall, Rose McGowan, Will Kopelman, Lawrence Bender, Crystal Lourd and Jamie Tisch, who all eventually migrated to the Dodd Mitchell-designed dining room and settled in for sushi. “It’s hard to really judge sushi when you’re serving 200 freeloaders,” noted one guest.