Headband-sporting hippie-socialite Arden Wohl has a new project up her fluttering sleeve: An installation of her latest short film, co-written with Darsi Monaco, will open this February in the Art Production Fund’s “Lab” space in SoHo. The psychological drama chronicles the codependent relationship between two friends, Maisie and Galen, played by Leelee Sobieski and Azura Skye. “It’s autobiographical in some respects,” Wohl says, pointing out that the characters represent her relationships with her sister, ex-boyfriend and best friend. “The film centers on Galen and the things — religion or sex or drugs or food — that make her feel human.” Wohl plans to transform the studio space into an interactive environment complete with frequent cameos by a tarot card reader and a healer to evoke the occult atmosphere of the film.

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