PSYCHIC BAGGAGE: Sure, women know handbags can say a lot about a person, but dozens crammed into Donna Karan’s Madison Avenue boutique on Wednesday to see if theirs could tell the future. To celebrate Karan’s fall bag collection, Marisa Berenson threw a party for her friend complete with a purse psychic who, by touching guests’ bags or anything in them, could tell their fashion fortunes. One partygoer’s Louis Vuitton agenda revealed she needed more color in her wardrobe. “And good shoes,” the psychic, Maxine Albert, added. “Rather than buy five pairs, buy one good one.”

This was probably wasted advice on the well-heeled, socially mixed crowd that included Liza Minnelli, who showed up in support of Berenson. “She’s my best friend,” Minnelli enthused. “We take jazz together every morning from Luigi.” Fine enough, but did she plan on visiting Albert for some fortune-telling? “No, I don’t want to know. I’ve heard enough,” she laughed.

FENIX RISING: Monday nights reign in Hollywood again, and the nexus is the Argyle Hotel’s Fenix on Sunset Boulevard, counting among its regulars Matt Damon, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Rodriguez, Ellen DeGeneres, producer Rick Rubin and designer Magda Berliner. Sure, the Hilton sisters and Bijoux Phillips are fixtures there, entertaining onlookers with their girls-gone-wild antics. But the place is so thick with gorgeous locals grinding on the dance floor or kickin’ it on the sofas that no one raises a manicured brow. The chemists behind this mix of movie, music and fashion insiders are Amanda Scheer-Demme, Ashlee Margolis and Audrey Bernstein, whose little black books combined could make for some powerful summer reading. Veterans of Bernstein’s night at the now-defunct Les Deux relish the return of the great scene; even the food is similarly overpriced and underwhelming. The trio have just decided to extend the party through the fall, even if that means keeping photographers and members of the unwashed masses at bay, well off the hotel’s property. “When there’s a lot of paparazzi outside it’s because the promoter called them,” says Scheer-Demme, whose lifestyle production firm AD Entertainment is also the new owner of the trio of bars inside another local hotel landmark, the Roosevelt. “We don’t do that.”

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