Mandla Morris

Name: Mandla Morris
Age: 13
Hails From: Los Angeles
Résumé: Morris is one of Stevie Wonder’s sons; he had a small cameo in “A Star is Born” last year, and has plans to expand on acting and follow in his father’s footsteps in the music industry.
Why We Care: Morris was visiting a friend on the “A Star is Born” set just as the acting bug was kicking in, and caught the attention of Bradley Cooper.

“I guess he saw me doing something funny and then he was like ‘Oh, yeah, we should have that in a movie.’ I went there on a Thursday and they asked me to [come back] on a Friday,” Morris says.

Musically, he is hoping to have some tracks by the summer, and is going for a Frank Ocean meets Jorja Smith sound.

“He definitely gives me some advice, that it’s not going to be easy,” he says of his father. “There’s a little bit of pressure, having a dad with such a big name; people are going to be like ‘Oh, now he’s creating music.’ It’ll be all eyes on me.”

His older brother, Kailand, made waves at the men’s shows earlier this year, and Mandla says he wants to pursue fashion as well.

“Fashion is definitely an interest of mine,” he says, adding that his designer mother was his introduction. “I got kind of into it from there, and now I’m starting to sketch designs and meet with Dior’s Kim Jones.”

As any 13-year-old does.