Courtney Love has become something of a regular on the social circuit as of late — the Marina Abramovic party at MoMA and the premiere of “Sex and the City 2” being her most recent appearances — but she’s still learning the ropes in terms of how to dress appropriately.

Fortunately, the musician’s getting guidance from her well-dressed friends. At Thursday night’s Cinema Society and BlackBerry-sponsored screening of the new comedy “Cyrus,” Love passed on a tip given to her by pal Amanda Harlech. “I did learn a new rule recently, a piece of fashion etiquette. It freaks me out,” Love began. “A lady doesn’t carry a purse after 9 p.m., a lady carries a clutch. And this was told to me by an actual lady. It was told to me by Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Amanda Harlech. She was like, ‘Courtney, after dinner, you carry a clutch.’ And I’m like, ‘What happens, you know, if you have to do the walk of shame the next morning?’ And she’s like, ‘Pack one extra pair of panties.’”