Carolina Herrera's Barbie.

<STRONG>THE BARBIE TWINS</STRONG>: Though their styles couldn’t be more diverse, <STRONG>Carolina Herrera</STRONG> and <STRONG>Lilly Pulitzer</STRONG> are the latest designers to suit up Barbie. Herrera will perpetuate the statuesque...

THE BARBIE TWINS: Though their styles couldn’t be more diverse, Carolina Herrera and Lilly Pulitzer are the latest designers to suit up Barbie. Herrera will perpetuate the statuesque blonde’s fairy-tale image with a beaded wedding gown with corded lace, modeled after one in her bridal collection. Pulitzer plays up Palm Beach style with preppy shift dresses, a French twist hairstyle and a lime green head scarf for Barbie and a similar look for Barbie’s little sister Stacie. The Herrera doll will retail for $140 and the two Pulitzer dolls are sold as a $50 set. The concept of doing multigenerational dolls appealed to Lilly Pulitzer, which is popular with mothers and daughters, said James Bradbeer, president of Pulitzer. “Barbie is a lot like Lilly. She has tremendously deep roots, she’s been around for a while but she remains current, modern and kind of interesting.” Both dolls ship to stores at the end of June and are part of Mattel’s limited-edition collectors’ series.

FOOD FETISH: Christian Louboutin wants to make sure the well-heeled are eating right, even when they’re rushed off their feet. The shoe designer hopes to open an eatery in Paris’ tony Galerie Vero-Dodat passageway with his friend and gallery owner, Pierre Passebon. On Tuesday night, Louboutin and Passebon hosted a party in the locale, where they both already have spaces, to fete the recent launch of “Vingt Ans Sans Dormir” (“Twenty Years Without Sleep”), a book by Paquita Paquin. Louboutin said he would like to open a snack bar with “Laduree-like” treats, referring to the renowned Parisian tearooms. Shoe-shi anyone?

OH, WHAT A NIGHT: Couture afficionado Elaine Wynn — who’s got 75,000 square feet of retail space in her husband Stephen’s $2.7 billion resort to play in — invited a few of Las Vegas’ biggest names to shop in the new Dior boutique at the Wynn resort. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host Robin Leach looked on as the wives of boxing promoter Bob Arum and former Board of Gaming head Don Snyder went wild for the Detective bags. One lucky lady won out with the $25,000 “Miss Dior” green beryl ring. All the big spending was for a good cause: Wynn and co-host, Dior head Marla Sabo, were raising money for the Las Vegas Performing Arts Center foundation, set to open next year.

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