Jennifer Hudson

The one-time “Dreamgirl” celebrated the realization of another dream, her new collection for QVC, on Tuesday evening.

One-time “Dreamgirl” Jennifer Hudson celebrated the realization of another dream, her new collection for QVC, on Tuesday evening at New York’s New Museum. Looks from the line, which is slated to launch in early September, were on display while Hudson — wearing a curve-hugging navy knit and lace dress from the brand — dished on her upcoming nuptials, her design approach and her new tricked-out closet.

WWD: Your wedding is coming up. What will you wear?
Jennifer Hudson:
I designed my dress, but it wasn’t the first time because I also designed my prom dress. I’ve always had a love for making things my own. With my wedding dress, I was like, “It has to be me.” My mother used to say, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” The dress has three compartments: a coat, a dress and a train. It has its own little show.

WWD: You have a lot of designer friends. Who has inspired your own design work?
Definitely Michael Kors. I love that he caters to every woman, the real woman, the everyday woman — every curve, every size, every age. I feel like I get that from him. I love Givenchy as well, and Rick Owens. I have a Rick Owens coat that feels like a bathrobe, but it’s this fierce coat. Sometimes I walk around my house in it like it’s a robe because it’s that comfortable. That’s another thing I wanted to highlight — comfort. When you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, the clothes end up wearing you. That’s the attitude I’ve always had: It’s more about you wearing the clothes, not them wearing you.

WWD: You recently told WWD that you own 300 pairs of leggings. How do you keep track of them all?
You know what, I can’t! Right now, I’m in between two homes. In one, the clothes have completely moved me out of the house. The whole house is basically a closet. At the other home, I’m building the biggest, grandest dream closet for them.

WWD: Just for your leggings?
No, no, for all my clothes. I’m all about the clothes. I want to be able to walk in the room and see and know everything I have. I want the leggings to have their own space, the dresses to have theirs, the coats. It is the most important place in my home, period.

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