LONDON — It’s no secret that Prince William, modern guy that he is, has an action-packed schedule. According to insiders, Wills, who turns 21 next month, prefers to get his exercise out of the way before breakfast — and fast. Though the palace would neither confirm nor deny it, he, his father, Prince Charles, and Prince Philip are said to follow a fitness regime based on the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX plan, used to train cadets for the past 50 years. The 11-minute exercise regime requires no warmups or special accessories, and though the time frame never changes, the number of repetitions increases with fitness level.

2 minutes

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Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms in the air, bend forward to touch the floor, then stretch up and into a backward bend. Keep knees slightly bent. Two to four stretches, progressing to 20 stretches after four to six weeks.

1 minute

Lay on your back with feet 6 inches apart and arms at your sides. Sit up enough to see your toes while keeping legs straight and making sure head and shoulders clear the floor. Three to five repetitions, progressing to 18 after four to six weeks.

1 minute

Lay face down with your hands under your thighs and palms upwards. Raise your head and one leg a few inches off the ground. Repeat, alternating legs. Keep legs straight at the knee and make sure thighs clear your palms. Six repetitions, progressing to 18 after four to six weeks.

1 minute

This is like a half push-up. Lay face down with your hands under your shoulders and palms on the floor. Straighten your arms, pushing your upper body upwards but keeping knees on the floor. Bend your arms to lower yourself back to the starting position. Keep your body straight from the knees and make sure your arms are fully extended. Your chest must touch the floor to complete one movement. Two to three repetitions, progressing to 13 after four to six weeks.

6 minutes

Running in place. Count one step each time your left foot hits the ground. After every 75 steps, do 10 scissor jumps. Aim for 100 to 175 running steps, progressing to 400 after four to six weeks.

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