Recovering from knee surgery, Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin still managed to stand out at the party Ermenegildo Zegna hosted on Wednesday night for his basketball charity. It wasn’t just because of his height (6’ 10”) either. Picking a royal blue fabric for his Made to Measure suit, the basketball player showed how he likes to mix classic style with bold details. He talked to WWD about NBA style and his fondness for the movie “Space Jam” starring Michael Jordan, which is going through a remake with LeBron James.

WWD: How would you describe your own personal style?
Blake Griffin: Kind of classic. I don’t like to be too crazy, too out there. I like to mix something with a small detail, something bold, and always pair it with something a little bit classic and always be a little bit understated.

WWD: What do you think of NBA style? Kobe Bryant said that if he were ever caught wearing an outfit like Russell Westbrook’s, people should drug-test him immediately.
B.G.: Not my particular style. Westbrook has his own thing. I admire guys who have their own style and stick with it. But for someone like me, you probably won’t catch me in anything like that.

WWD: Now that people are treating the walk to the locker room like a fashion runway, do you feel more pressure in picking your outfits before games?
B.G.: I don’t know if I call it more pressure. I think it’s great for us as players because I think it’s a good way for kids to look up to us and see that we’re actually taking care of and we’re paying attention to what we’re wearing. We’re not coming into games in T-shirts and hats and change. Guys are actually putting thought into it. Maybe a little bit of pressure if you’re into the competitiveness of it. But I think it’s great for the brand of NBA and style and everything.

WWD: Do you ever use #NBAstyle on your posts?
B.G.: I normally don’t. I need to start my own hashtag actually. See if we can get something there, something with Zegna.

WWD: In terms of accessories, there’s always a championship ring. What do you think?
B.G.: That’s the biggest accessory I want — a championship ring. I always try to throw a watch on. If I wear a tie, I do a tie clip. Dress it up a little bit. But championship ring, that’s the one accessory that will go with everything.

WWD: Do you have any plans for your time off in the summer? Will you go to the men’s fashion shows?
B.G.: I went to some last year in New York. I went to Public School. I went to Rag & Bone. I went to several last year. Those are brands I really like. I’m rehabbing my knee. I had knee surgery. Doing that, I’ll mostly be here.

WWD: Would you want to design clothes yourself?
B.G.: Yeah, I think it’s something I would have to learn a little bit more. Whatever I do, I like to come in at the ground level. I don’t like to use a name or a platform to just jump right in and skip some steps. I’m a big believer in following all those steps all the way up to the top.

WWD: Would you take fashion classes?
B.G.: If I was going to design something, that is something I would definitely do.

WWD: What about entertainment? You always have a really good deadpan delivery in your commercials and TV appearances. Is that something you would do? Maybe “Space Jam 2” with LeBron James?
B.G.: Yeah, maybe. If those opportunities present themselves, I’m all for doing things I’m a fan of. I am a fan of “Space Jam,” or I was a fan of “Space Jam.” I still am. But it’s not something that I actively seek out. I’m not going to auditions or anything like that. But there are always cool opportunities. “Space Jam” is definitely a cool one. But I wait for those to come to me a little bit more.

WWD: What advice would you have for kids who are coming into their own, not only as athletes but also as people, and developing their own personal style?
B.G.: To not be so influenced and not try to take somebody else’s style. I’ll say that in basketball and off the court in anything. You have to be able to create your own thing. If you don’t, you’re not going to know who you really are. So on the court, off the court, be comfortable with you are, like what you like, try to learn little things about it but be yourself.

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