Kitty CashGigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear Collection Launch Party, Inside, New York, USA - 27 Jun 2017

She may have started out as a fashion publicist, but Cachee Livingston, aka Kitty Cash, has since spun her way to the turntables at New York City hotspots. The DJ made an appearance at Gigi Hadid’s Vogue Eyewear launch party in Manhattan on Tuesday night, where she spoke about the not-so-sober story behind her stage name, what she learned from working in the fashion industry and more.

On how she got her name: “It started off as a joke. My family calls me Cash and my really good friend Kilo Kish [and I] were at a bar just trying to figure out a name and we came up with it after many margaritas. Now I am she. I am Kitty Cash.”

On what she learned from working as a fashion publicist:I actually headed marketing and communications for North America. It was intense. But basically, I learned how to troubleshoot everything and anything. It was something that has helped me in every aspect of my career, especially as a DJ — something always goes wrong. Working in fashion, you learn how to keep it level-headed and fix it.”

On what she grew up listening to: I grew up with my dad and we listened to a lot of reggae and soca music — he’s from Trinidad. But then my grandma, we listened to, like, straight disco and funk. That’s what I grew up listening to.”

On the current state of her closet:My closet looks like a s—t show because I have barely been home. I’m traveling every few days, but most recent purchases are a Balenciaga windbreaker and I got these really cute Saint Laurent heart glasses and some Fenty in there.”

On her favorite place to DJ in NYC: “I haven’t DJ’d there yet. I’m about to. I’m looking forward to it ‘cause it’s so cute — Public Hotel that just opened up. My friend Kaytranada DJ’d there and I danced my ass off and it is just so cute. I’m excited.”

On what she’s listening to right now:Right now, Sza is on rotation, Joey Badass is on rotation, I love Calvin Harris — he’s just been killing it — and DJ Khaled. That’s what I’m listening to right now on repeat.”

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