Georgia Fowler arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "Pitch Perfect 3" at the Dolby Theatre onLA Premiere of "Pitch Perfect 3", Los Angeles, USA - 12 Dec 2017

Known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, 25-year-old model Georgia Fowler is raising her profile in Hollywood. On Tuesday she attended the “Pitch Perfect 3″ premiere — she fronted the film’s marketing campaign with Vince Camuto — and chatted with WWD about how she keeps her private life — i.e., her relationship with Nick Jonas — private, her model mentors and her favorite indulgence.

WWD: What did you learn about yourself while working on the shoot for “Pitch Perfect 3”?
Georgia Fowler:
Almost every shoot with Vince Camuto, I’ve had to face a fear. I’ve been very afraid of horses and then I was on a horse for a whole shot. Singing in front of 80 blank-faced people was harder than what I imagined. It was definitely a challenge. I’m so grateful for it, though. I’ve always wanted to be a pop star, so that was the perfect chance.

WWD: You recently walked in the Victoria’s Secret show. What did that experience mean to you?
It was really exciting to be back. I did it last year in Paris as well. It meant even more to come back because it shows that you deserve your space out there and you did something right on the catwalk. There definitely is like a mentoring moment. Adriana [Lima] would sit me down and she’d tell me all about what it used to be like. Everyone is just so friendly.

WWD: Was there any particular advice that she gave you?
Just looking up to her and seeing how they work out in the gym and train really hard. They deserve their spots and it makes you want to work harder to be there. It’s really motivating to see the Angels who have been doing it for so long. It sets my goals high and I hope that I can remain that fine and fit.

WWD: How do you stay in shape?
It’s an ongoing workout. I do lots of strength training, I do lots of interval training, and I mix it up with classes or whatever I can do when I’m traveling. I like to keep it interesting and shock the body, so you’re never doing the same thing and it makes you want to keep going if it’s different.

WWD: Did you celebrate with any indulgences after the show was over?
We had a few cocktails that night, absolutely. I usually like eating pretty healthy year-round. And every other job is a lingerie job for me, so you have to kind of keep it up, but it depends on the girl. We all have our little vices of course. I love chocolate.

WWD: What do you have planned for the holidays?
I’m really looking forward to going home and spending some time with my family. We have a really big family and I go back home to New Zealand. We go to the beach; it’s summer there. We often go and play beach cricket and have a huge feast and lots of Christmas presents and Santa stockings, all of the rest.

WWD: What’s it like being in a high-profile relationship?
It’s difficult being in any relationship, but when it’s in the spotlight it makes it even harder because you always have prying and other voices that could get in your head. It’s best to keep private life private. If it is out, I try not to listen or look.