Amy Ryan

Amy Ryan, the female lead in Angus MacLachlan’s latest film “Abundant Acreage Available,” hadn’t been to the Tribeca Film Festival in 11 years, since her film alongside Michael Shannon, “Marvelous,” premiered. “That was a long time ago, though,” she told WWD from a room at the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca. “It’s the feeling that you travel with your pack, and here we are, our ‘Abundant Acreage Available’ pack reunion.”

The film’s plot follows siblings Tracy (Ryan) and Jesse Ledbetter (Terry Kinney) after the death of their father, the owner of the farm they’ve spent their whole lives on, having to confront life with only each other. “I’ve never played the lead in a film, and that’s attractive, but it also had to be a good part,” she said. “It’s certainly a lot more fun to have your brain engaged in carrying the story/puzzle-solving as opposed to waiting it out in your trailer until they’re ready for you. Being an active participant in a film is much more energizing, and I like it.”

For Ryan, participation wasn’t the only priority. “I love that there are some dark themes, but there’s a great humor that I find. I love the theme that, all of us here, none of us really own anything,” Ryan said. “We’re just stewards of land, or the apartment you live in now, whatever your home may be. We hold onto these things.”


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