It looked like a freak snowstorm had hit Paris last week, just in time for the holidays. But the snow outside Castel’s nightclub was the work of a snow machine brought in by Krug Champagne for the company’s magical Yuletide fete.

Guests passed by Santa — perched on his sleigh ringing his bells — and Christmas trees, as they scampered through the snow into the club.

A few Scrooges complained that the white stuff ruined their shoes, but others such as Alexandre de Mortemart, Pia Pearson and Edouard Baer didn’t mind, as they tucked into foie gras and caviar and drank the best of Krug champagne.

All that bubbly brought out plenty of silliness, especially in Frederic Beigbeder, who at one point grabbed the microphone and claimed that Pierre Celeyron was going to flash.

And it was a flashy crowd who turned out a few nights earlier for the reopening of the Lido de Paris. The dinner cabaret was brimming over with the likes of Roman Polanski, Arielle de Rothschild, Francesca von Hapsburg, Helene David-Weill and Gianfranco Ferre.

“Show me the stage door,” quipped Alexander Thyssen, who was quite taken with the famous Bluegirl dancers who performed after dinner.

The glittering party was the last place one would expect to find former “Starsky & Hutch” star David Soul, but there amongst the crowd was the ’70s heartthrob — he’s set to star in a French mini-series based on the history of the Lido.

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