Alessio Sanzogni and Chiara Ferragni

Alessio Sanzogni, former general manager of Chiara Ferragni’s TBS Crew, has died in a car accident.

Sanzogni, 34, left the company of the Italian influencer in August 2016 and last September established Ispiry, a Milan-based consultancy firm focused on digital and influencer marketing and talent management. Previously, Sanzogni worked at Louis Vuitton as digital manager. The accident apparently happened late Sunday evening or early Monday morning.

“I was feeding my baby this morning, having a coffee with a friend in what seemed like such a normal morning at home. Then the worst news arrived: My friend, Alessio, passed away in a tragic accident,” Ferragni wrote in an Instagram post, where she appears with Sanzogni. “I can’t find words to express how shocking this is. We used to be super close and used to work together full time, then, a few years ago, took separate ways. What I regret now is the time we didn’t spend together in the past two years, the words we didn’t say to each other. We still talked and texted, but it was not the talks we used to have. No matter what happens in your life, be always aware to make people you care about feel special. Hope you find your peace Alessio.”

Among the reactions to Ferragni’s post, Australian influencer Nicole Warne commented, “This is devastating and my heart breaks to read this. You will be so missed Alessio.”