Anna Faris knows all too well about Hollywood typecasting. After finding fame in the horror spoof franchise “Scary Movie,” she’s found it hard to break out of her self-described “spoof girl” mode, even taking on fleeting comedic roles in serious films such as “Brokeback Mountain” and “Lost in Translation.” During her weekend jaunt to Sundance, where she stars in Gregg Araki’s pothead comedy “Smiley Face” (which hits theaters April 20), Faris relished her moment in the sun, despite the 30-degree temps.

“It certainly hasn’t been easy trying to find roles different from ‘Scary Movie.’ My character [in ‘Smiley Face’] is so crazy and unique. And she is completely asexual. She just likes her bed and she likes to smoke,” says Faris, noting the majority of female roles in Hollywood involve a love interest.

“It was really exciting and very liberating to play someone who doesn’t care what she looks like or what she wears. I wear a pajama top and baggy jeans the whole movie.”

Of course, today, she’s in tall black Ugg boots, tight black jeans, a black jacket and a purple scarf, low-key by Hollywood standards but fashionable for the mountains. “I love that everyone is so casual here and that there’s just coats and hats and gloves flung everywhere. It’s a great energy, although it is hard to recognize people under all the clothes. I’ve introduced myself several times to people I know really well,” she admits.

Though she has a naturally sunny demeanor, Faris is serious about her career. Up next is the summer big-budget studio comedy “Mama’s Boy,” costarring Diane Keaton and Jon Heder. “I play an angry coffee house singer who tries to pull Jon out of his mama’s boy-ishness,” she says. Next month, she begins shooting a romantic comedy with Topher Grace, and with her writing partners (Amanda Brown and Karen McCullah Lutz of “Legally Blonde” fame) she has just sold a script to Paramount that hopefully she will star in and begin shooting this summer.

Says Faris: “It feels really good to take a little initiative instead of just waiting around for a great role.”

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