HOUSTON, Tex. — “I’m dripping in David Yurman,” said Becca Cason Thrash of her Tahitian pearl necklaces at a cocktail party to celebrate the designer’s new store at the Houston Galleria, his fifth and largest. “I’m like the poster child.”

After the opening, Thrash invited 250 guests to her mansion for a seated dinner in David Yurman’s honor. Both events drew legions of jewelry fans; after all, when Yurman started his business 25 years ago, Houston was his first major market.

Tables twinkling with votive candles and pear blossoms ringed the indoor pool. Following ample Cosmopolitans, it only took a Seventies disco tune or two to fill the dance floor. “We can drink anyone under the table,” said Laura Spalding, a local attorney, of the Texas crowd.

Wearing a black lace number with a swag back by Richard Tyler, Mariel Hemingway patiently posed for photo after photo with her daughter, Langley Crisman, as well as with Yurman’s wife and son, Sybil and Evan. “That’s my job,” Hemingway said graciously. “That’s why I’m here.”

Maria Bush also chose a filmy cocktail dress, but hers came from the closet of her 14-year-old daughter. “I talked to [my husband] Neil before I came, and he said, ‘What are you wearing? Is it sexy?’” Bush explained. When she told him it was just some old thing, he told her, “Go change!”

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