Gigi Hadid Fendi Runway Milan Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid is certainly one of the darlings of the spring collections, with the support of designers such as Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger — on and off the runway.

Industry influencers such as Instagram’s Eva Chen, Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, as well as magazines such as Vogue and Glamour came to Hadid’s defense after she fought back when grabbed by a man outside the Max Mara show at Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday, with some speaking out against media and social media commenters that Hadid’s response was “not model behavior.”

With a crowd outside the show that swelled to approximately 2,000 people, Hadid, who was holding the hand of her sister, Bella, and was accompanied by a bodyguard, was accosted by a man, later identified as Vitalii Sediuk, who is known for his pranks on celebrities such as Will Smith and Brad Pitt. She fought back and responded with kicks, punches and swearing. Tabloid sites, such as the Mirror and The Daily Mail, stated the supermodel reacted poorly. “Frantic Gigi Hadid lashes out with her elbow after being picked up by overzealous fan in Milan,” read the Mirror’s headline. “Gigi Hadid lashes out at man who tries to pick her up as she leaves Milan,” said The Daily Mail, who has since changed their headline. Photos and videos of Hadid’s assault were plastered over the Internet within hours, with the help of TMZ. That’s when Hadid spoke up for herself.

Vogue and Glamour lauded Hadid, the latter saying “Don’t mess with Gigi Hadid (or any woman, for that matter).”

Others followed suit in defense and support of the beauty.

Hadid went on to walk the Fendi and Moschino shows, and looking at her latest social media posts, has seemingly moved on from the incident. The Internet fury is still ablaze with thousands of tweets and Instagram posts advocating for the model, and fans who have been inspired by her reaction.