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There’s no rest for the weary, even when your last name is Hadid (and your boyfriend is former One Directioner, Zayn Malik). Such is the case for jet-setting model and budding designer Gigi Hadid, who’s slated to walk in her second-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris next month. The eldest Hadid daughter was in New York on Wednesday night to celebrate yet another one of her many endeavors: a collaboration with Stuart Weitzman.

The Insta-model was game to talk shoes, personal style and the new James Franco-directed film to promote the collaboration — in which she boxes wearing the mid-heeled booties for 12 hours. But she really lit up when the conversation topic moved on to pies. Yes, pies — as in baked goods.

After the Victoria’s Secret show, which takes place in November 30 in Paris, Gigi and her sister Bella (who, it was revealed Wednesday, will be taking her first turn on the Victoria’s Secret runway this year), will head back home for a Hadid family Thanksgiving.

And they don’t kid around when it comes to the holiday eats.

“I’m just really excited for Thanksgiving,” said Hadid, who was wearing an oversized button-down shirt with a fitted corset on top. “I always make pies for Thanksgiving. I’m the pie girl. I love rhubarb pie, I  love apple pie and pumpkin pie and blackberry pie — but sometimes that mixes with the rhubarb into one [pie].”

That’s a lot of pie.

“Well, we have a big family and they’re very picky, so I do lots of choices of pie,” Hadid said.

As for the rest of the Hadid clan, they all have jobs assigned for the holiday…except brother Anwar, a splashy model in his own right.

“My dad does really good stuffing and all of the meat, and my mom is the best for buttered carrots and cranberry Jell-O, or whatever you call it. Bella does dessert. Anwar just eats and I do pie,” she added.

So models do eat.


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