English actress Alice Eve might be starting to make her mark on the big screen—she starred in last year’s indie film Starter for 10, and next year brings the Crash-esque Crossing Over—but this winter she’s treading the boards of the New York stage in Tom Stoppard’s hit Rock ’n’ Roll. The 25-year-old is reprising two roles she played in the London run a year ago: a pot-smoking flower child, and, in the second act, the same woman’s hard-charging daughter. Since the end of September, Eve has been living in the West Village and prides herself on how quickly she’s mastered Manhattan life. “I’ve never really spent a long time in New York,” says the actress, who most recently has been based in Los Angeles. “But this morning someone on the street asked me, ‘Do you know the difference between a PATH train and a regular train?’” And I said, ‘Yes, I do, actually.’”

IN THE FAMILY: Eve’s parents, Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, are well-known British television stars, though she had no plans to be an actress growing up. After earning praise at an audition she did for fun, she remembers thinking, Maybe I’m good at this.

The Oxford-educated Eve, who graduated with a degree in literature, landed a part in 2004’s Stage Beauty while still in school.

PLAY IT AGAIN: “It drives me a little bit mad,” admits Eve of repeating the same performance night after night on stage. “When you wake up, the first two hours, it’s like, Yeah! I did the show last night. And it slowly starts to dawn on you, I have to do it again—so no beer at lunch. It’s a little bit weird. The other night, I realized I’ve been saying these lines for over a year, and suddenly, I felt sorry for us. Like we were insane.”

DADDY’S GIRL: Eve wears a necklace that reads “F–k” surrounded by two wings, a gift from her father. “I guess he thinks I don’t give a flying f–k,” she says. “He’s just daft. I’m quite like my dad, I think.


OFF-STAGE LOVE: Eve is dating her co-star, Rufus Sewell.

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