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NEW YORK — Like sirens calling to sailors, party invites kept floating in last week. “I’m exhausted,” Lauren duPont admitted as she arrived at Bergdorf Goodman’s new restaurant, BG, for its inaugural dinner Thursday night. “I feel like I need a walker.” Nevertheless, she soldiered on to the bar where Jennifer Creel (who hit two other parties before ending up at BG), Helen and Tim Schifter, Robert Burke, Lisa Airan, Judith Regan and Catherine Malandrino were sipping pineapple vodka martinis. Bergdorf president and the evening’s host Jim Gold was spent for other reasons. “I feel like I’ve given birth,” he said referring to the painstaking process of opening the restaurant. It’s likely that interior designer Kelly Wearstler felt similarly, but she didn’t say so as guests praised the elegant dining room she decorated in subdued blue, green and mustard tones. “I think we have to applaud any restaurant that doesn’t have a water feature,” Celerie Kemble said, before admitting she did have a bit of designer envy over Wearstler’s achievement.

The next night, the city’s intelligentsia filed out to catch George Clooney‘s new political thriller, “Syriana,” for which he packed on the weight to play a CIA guy. “That was the most depressing thing,” admitted the svelte-again star: “It only took me 30 days to put on 30 pounds. It wasn’t very difficult.”

Afterward, the crowd, including Creel, Claudia Cohen, Tom Freston, Ross Bleckner, Peter Brant, Tory Burch, Renée Rockefeller, designer Luisa Beccaria and funnyman Mike Myers trooped over to Heather and Steven Mnuchin‘s 740 Park Avenue apartment for dinner. “George and I are old friends,” explained the hostess. “I know that he always likes for a group of intelligent people to see his films.”

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Some guests, possibly still mulling over the convoluted plot of “Syriana,” wandered into Alice and Thomas Tisch‘s apartment across the hall by mistake. “Come on in!” said Alice, before shepherding them to the right place. Meanwhile, at the Mnuchin’s, a group of thespians had shown up to support their friend, including Patricia Clarkson, Amy Irving, Frank Langella, Rachel Weisz and her fiancé, Darren Aronofsky.

Weisz was among those Sunday night who made their way down to Helena Christensen‘s holiday party at her new store, Butik. (To those of you who don’t speak Danish, that’s boutique.) “We’re here for the glogg,” said fellow Dane Scarlett Johansson, who was joined by boyfriend Josh Hartnett. “It’s like a cider and it’s why the Danes are so merry around the holidays.”

So then could that also have been the reason why the hostess came to her own party wearing one silver Helmut Lang shoe and one black Prada? “I can’t believe it,” Christensen said, staring down at her feet. Then she just rolled her eyes. “I’m always doing things like that.” Christensen’s faux pas, however, seems slight, if not temporary, compared with Johansson’s new nose ring.

“Did it hurt?” boomed Weisz.

“A little,” shrugged Johansson.

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