Genevieve Angelson

On Friday, Oct 28, Amazon debuts “Good Girls Revolt,” almost a year after the pilot episode was streamed online. The series follows a group of female journalists who begin the fight for equal opportunity in the industry in the late Sixties.

Following her WWD interview, we chatted with Genevieve Angelson, one of the series’ stars, on costumes, Sixties fashion and getting to make out with strangers.

On the show’s costumes:

“Every time we would have a fitting for this show, often there would be tears. I’d be like, ‘Why do you hate me and why do you want to hurt me so much — like you introduced me to my boyfriend and then you’re going to tell me we can’t be together.’ It was a struggle every time I took off a costume to go onto the next episode.”

On the perks of going braless:

“I have to say, as much as I am proud to fight Patti’s fight, I did not feel sorry for myself when I got to play her — I am so glad I played the character who never in one single scene had to wear a bra. I got that. And thank you so much for letting me make out with lots of different people.”

On the influence of Julie Christie:

“I’ll never forget when I saw Julie Christie in that backless dress in the movie ‘Shampoo.’ She goes to a party and she’s wearing this black sequined backless dress…to be playing a character whose every fashion choice is styled off what someone like what Julie Christie would have worn…it’s like I worked with the Make a Wish Foundation and I am constantly the child whose wish they are granting — though, I’m not dying of a terminal disease.”

On learning how to dress like a New Yorker:

“I grew up on the Upper East Side in Manhattan; when I was 10, by that point, every girl already had been introduced to New York City and the world of fashion and style — and I hadn’t been taught that that was a value. My family always bought clothes when we grew out of the old clothes that we had. When I showed up, I remember a girl quoting that line from ‘Clueless’ — ‘We have go to adopt her,’ because I showed up wearing a turtleneck from and these, like, white Velcro sneakers and I was a nerd and they felt like they had to teach me like how to be a stylish little girl in New York City. I had no idea.”

On why she likes L.A. over New York:

“My understanding is that the typical experience of Los Angeles for a New Yorker is that you show up and you hate it, and you think the people are vapid and you think there is no culture and there are no museums, there’s not enough theater and whatever — and that was just not my experience. This is basically the most beautiful backdrop in the entire world. I can end every day at 5:00 by a pool, with a martini, with my favorite people — and I just have no problem with that life. I don’t really drink martinis by the pool, but I do ideally, in theory.”