The holiday season can mean a veritable marathon of feasts and fetes. So for those overindulgers vowing to clean up their act, WWD called in an expert: Leila Fazel, a co-founder of the Meatpacking District’s Aerospace High Performance Center and now a second Aerospace and Aerospa in the Gramercy Park Hotel. “I incorporate these tips into my everyday life,” says the 39-year-old former ballet dancer of her recommendations below. And it’s never soon enough to get started: With Fashion Week moved up to the beginning of February this year, there isn’t much time to get in shape for the next party merry-go-round. — Elisa Lipsky-Karasz

  • “Start your exercise program now. Work at finding something that interests you and keeps you engaged physically and mentally. Find a personal trainer that can help you reach your goals — exercise will improve your physical condition and appearance, which in turn makes one feel good. It also releases endorphins that will help with one’s overall mood.
  • Get a facial — they are not just a luxury. Getting your skin cleansed and treated professionally will improve its condition.
  • Drink plenty of water (not just any liquid will do). Staying hydrated is a must — it helps eliminate the toxins that build up in the body, and we often confuse dehydration with hunger.
  • With New York’s new, warmer climate, we are seeing bare skin all year-round. Get a spa exfoliation every three months and keep a loofah at home for a weekly regimen. Apply a moisturizer right after a shower or bath while the skin is still warm and pores are still open. For extra-soft and glowing skin, opt for a light oil instead of the typical lotion.
  • Regain control over your eating habits. The usual tendency is to let yourself go during the holidays. Now, watch your portions and make a conscious effort to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, but don’t deprive yourself. Starving to lose weight will create a negative yo-yo cycle that can become hard to break.
  • Try to get eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep is still one of the best beauty secrets around. And for a bonus beauty tip, try to squeeze in a 20-minute nap when you can.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself and work diligently toward them. Striving for perfection is hard on the ego since you will never get there. Focus on positive steps and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Be altruistic, like Iman with her ‘I Am Africa’ campaign. People don’t realize how good it is for your mental state when you take attention off of yourself. Shifting focus from ourselves to where it’s really needed can do magical things to our souls. The greatest beauty is the kind that radiates from inside. Help someone and see how it helps you feel and look more beautiful.”