CANNES, France — “When I got the call for the role, I knew it was a big deal as it meant I was going to be kicking Halle Berry’s ass,” says Dania Ramirez, one of the latest additions to the gorgeous gang of “X-Men” superheroines.

It’s a day before the premiere here of “X-Men: The Last Stand,” and the ladies are lounging in a villa in the hills above Cannes, comparing war wounds. “I think I had the most revealing costume,” says Ramirez, referring to the skimpy attire worn by her character, Callisto. The costume featured two built-in belts under a corset and latex pants. “It was the most uncomfortable suit I’ve ever worn, but it’s certainly a very authentic way of stepping into the character’s shoes,” adds the actress, who will also appear in the series finale of “The Sopranos” on June 4.

Others had it a little easier in the film, which opens in the U.S. today. “I didn’t have to lift a finger for the film,” muses Famke Janssen, feeding a strawberry to her black pit bull, Licorice. Soon Janssen will be shedding her character Phoenix’s capes for an untitled flick in which she plays a working-class pool player. “The role’s not that far from playing Phoenix, as I didn’t look at her as a superhero, I looked at her as a woman,” she says.

Out on the terrace, Anna Paquin and Ellen Page share a drink, despite playing archenemies Rogue and Kitty Pryde, respectively, on screen. Having wrapped her third “X-Men” film, Paquin has moved on to producing movies with her brother Andrew, including the recently shot “Blue State,” in which she stars.

“X-Men” first-timer Page, however, is still recovering from what she refers to as a “dreamlike” adventure. “Entering the set on the first day of filming was probably the most terrifying experience of my life,” she says. “There were real-life explosions and giant props — it was like living in a comic book.”