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NEW YORK — After sitting through Wednesday night’s Hogan-sponsored Cinema Society screening of “Match Point,” Woody Allen‘s disturbing film about an obsessive adulterous affair, many needed a drink. Patricia Clarkson wisely took a glass of bubbly with her into the Tribeca Grand’s screening room to view the flick, but others such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bette Midler, Marjorie Raein and Ivanka Trump had to wait until the after party at the Soho Grand.

Thanks to Allen’s casting choices and a dose of luck, there was a heavy contingent of sexy men, including Matthew Goode, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Josh Lucas and a very tardy Josh Hartnett. And, as one would expect, they were surrounded by ladies. Rhys-Meyers, for one, came unchaperoned and wandered through the crowd accepting accolades for his performance as Chris Wilton, a social-climbing tennis pro. Though the film is deeply sinister, it was actually the tennis that gave Rhys-Meyers the most trouble. He admitted to not being very good, and, thankfully, was never asked to play against the more skilled Allen. “He would have kicked my ass,” he said with a smile. “And he’s my boss, so I would have let him.”

Yes, most people would let Allen do whatever he wants, including skipping his own screening. The director has never really seen the virtue of watching one of his films in front of an audience. “It doesn’t interest me at all,” he said. “I’ve been working on this film for a long time. I made it two years ago and I’ve done two movies since then. It’s old for me now.”

What’s likely new for the director, however, is his close proximity to a fashion plate. Scarlett Johansson had him pinned against the wall for a portion of the evening, procuring fashion advice. “How long have you had that coat?” she asked him after he critiqued her Moschino frock.

“Longer than the shoes,” he said unapologetically.

“And you’re giving me fashion advice,” she laughed, though she later admitted the simple black Moschino was actually the first dress Allen had approved of during their publicity rounds.

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The starlet didn’t have him cornered for too long, though, as the notoriously shy director tried to make a subtle exit with his wife, Soon-Yi. “You’re going to miss me dancing on the bar,” Johansson cooed.

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