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It took a Trojan Horse for the Greeks to invade Troy, but that was nothing compared with Donna Karan’s entrance at the Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton Sunday.

She arrived with a two-ton bronze sculpture of a horse in dressage — two-and-a-half times the size of an ordinary mare — that was the final of four oversized works by Karan’s late husband, Stephan Weiss, created from a cast the artist made before his death two years ago. Weiss and Karan had often discussed the idea of unveiling the work at the equine event, so the designer called her extended family together for opening day, where, naturally, several grandchildren were pining to mount the sculpture.

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“No one’s been up there yet,” Karan said. “But when nobody is looking, I will get up on that horse.”

The rest of the horsey set soon ambled over to inspect the work. Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl and April Gornik, Bianca Jagger and Sandy Gallin all commented on the amazing accuracy of Weiss’ depiction of a horse in motion, especially given its size.

“He caught the horse in action, with the mane flowing and the formation and compilation of different movements,” said Scot Evans, who directs sponsor relations for the event. “This is just very rare to capture authentic muscularity.”

Kelly Klein, an enthusiastic rider, has also been telling Karan all summer that she’d missed her calling. But after Karan’s skiing accident two winters ago, the designer said she has pursued sport in slightly less dangerous waters.

“I chose deep-sea diving instead, and I’ve been diving all summer in the Maldives and Sri Lanka,” Karan said. “Now I want to change my entire color palette for spring. It’s so inspirational down there, like it’s another world.”

But when on Earth did Karan have time to become a certified diver?

“Oh, I still need to be certified,” she confessed. “I just told them I was certifiable.”

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