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LOS ANGELES — It might be one of the toughest velvet ropes to cross in Hollywood, but Amanda Scheer Demme‘s Tropicana Bar at the reborn Roosevelt Hotel got a little competition last week when the supper club Dakota finally pulled back its leather, licorice whip-like curtains to a mixed bunch, from Tatiana von Furstenberg and Roberto Benabib to surf honcho Bob Hurley.

Lisa Eisner arrived with a mini entourage of pals, quickly informing anyone who’d listen, “You know Eric’s playing, right?” regarding her husband, who moonlights as a guitarist with a jazz band fronted by Audrey Bernstein. But Demme needn’t worry too much. Although the new chophouse from Liza and Tim Goodell is likely to become as hot a ticket as their other four restaurants (most recently, Meson G), the 1927-era dining room shares the same address as the Tropicana. The same interior designer, too — Dodd Mitchell.

The following night, it was the Tropicana pool that drew in revelers such as designer Matthew Williamson and Jacqui Getty, who kept the Veuve Clicquot flowing through the night for Liz Goldwyn, Brigette Romanek, Rosetta Getty, Sara Foster, Amanda De Cadenet and boyfriend, Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi. “I’m definitely coming back in November,” Williamson told Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, who’d been by to see him earlier in the day to pick out Emmy dresses for Jennifer Garner and Nicole Richie. “I’m already thinking womanly, less girly dresses, too,” he added, his eye on conquering the red carpet. “It’s just time to move on.”

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