Cody Simpson

Leading up to the release of his debut collection of poetry, Cody Simpson has been isolating at home instead of preparing for the book tour he had planned.

“I think I’ve only left the house once in the last two weeks and that was to go surfing somewhere no one was,” Simpson says. “I went for a surf by myself and was out in the air and it was the nicest thing in the world. I’d never appreciated going to the beach that much ever in my life.”

Otherwise, he’s at home, recording music in his studio there and getting ready for his fans to read his poetry. Below, Simpson shares how he’s passing the time.

What he’s watching:
“I’m watching a little bit of reality TV, which is crazy because I’ve never done that in my life before. ‘Love Island’ — it’s insane. It’s like the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen. ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ Honestly, I don’t know. I’m usually kind of a movie person. I’ve always watched just movies and old movies. I’ve never watched TV much before, ever, and now it’s like, ‘Why am I so addicted to these things?’”

What he’s listening to:
“A lot of like singer and songwriter stuff at the moment. When you’re out in the world, you kind of listen to what everyone else is listening to, and you get influenced by everyone else’s opinions. When you have time to yourself at home, it’s like you end up realizing what you personally actually really like, if you have the time to just sit by yourself, adjusting in your own space. [I’m listening to] a lot of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper. I like Bob Dylan and Neil Young and stuff. Those kinds of artists are what have really inspired the two songs I’m putting out in April with the book.”

What he’s cooking:
“Have you ever had tikka masala French fries? I had it for the first time at an Indian restaurant last month. Basically, you bake French fries, and then you put tikka masala on top of it. It’s just like this Indian/American mash-up — it’s the best thing you’ve ever had.”

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