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WWD Music issue 09/04/2008

Hyper Crush’s fashion and music celebrate Eighties excess.

Hyper Crush would make Cyndi Lauper and Run DMC proud.

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Rapping to a frisky beat generated by a guitar-shaped MIDI machine, the Los Angeles trio celebrates everything about the Eighties in their debut album titled “The Arcade.”

When it comes to the neon tank tops, spiky hairdos and checkered fingerless gloves, the two fellows in the band — rapper Donny Fontaine and keytar player Preston Moronie — don’t let singer Holly Valentine, 24, hog the spotlight. Somewhere in Southern California, a Mercedes Benz is looking naked because Fontaine stole the shiny emblem from the car’s hood to fashion an eye-catching necklace. Moronie regularly scours eBay and American Apparel for accessories like wristbands, while Valentine shakes her booty onstage in acid-wash denim HotPants paired with scrunchy leather boots and a white braided headband.

The band’s knack for reliving the decadent decade is impressive considering that they were all swathed in diapers when the Eighties revved into high gear. Still, in “Sex and Drugs,” 25-year-old Fontaine advertises that they just want to have fun: “Money, this is what we do/we get stupid in the club cuz’ I’m a f–kin’ fool/and I’m rockin’ Chucks with Mercedes on my chest.”

“No one wants to hear about serious stuff,” says Moronie, also 25. “We’re not going to write songs about clarity and finding yourself and serenity.”

As for the haters who don’t appreciate Hyper Crush’s out-there outfits, Fontaine could care less. “When we walk in somewhere, we want people to say, ‘Who the f–k are these guys?’” he says. “It’s all in good fun.”

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