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NEW YORK — In real life, actress Julianne Moore is the wife of movie director Bart Freundlich. And in the new movie “Trust the Man,” which Freundlich wrote and directed, she plays an actress whose husband is coping with a sex addiction and insecurity issues related to his wife’s fame. “I love your work,” says one person after another in the film, as the woman’s husband (played by David Duchovny) tries not to get annoyed.

Needless to say, some of it is autobiographical.

“That’s certainly from my own life, and being with Julianne,” Freundlich admitted at the movie premiere’s after party, held Monday night at Home in the West 20s and sponsored by the New York Observer and Calvin Klein Collection. “What really annoys me is when they walk up to her and say, ‘What did I see you in?’ or ‘I just loved you on the X-Files.'”

Is Moore actually confused for Gillian Anderson? “Less now that she’s more famous,” Freundlich replied.

But Moore explained the “I love your work” opening line is less frowned upon by celebrities than it is by their spouses. “I feel incredibly flattered when people say it,” the actress said.

Ditto for Duchovny: “I’m just happy they call it work!”

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