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ALL ABOUT IVANA: Tell-all books are rarely authored by the subject themselves, but Ivana Lowell left nothing out of her new memoir “Why Not Say What Happened?” The Guinness heiress divulges the details of her past sexual abuse, alcoholism and obliviousness to the identity of her biological father. “It was [all] too good not to put down,” Lowell told a group of ladies assembled in Danielle Ganek’s living room for a luncheon in her honor. “And it was too bad.”


This story first appeared in the October 21, 2010 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Guests including Susan Gutfreund, Mercedes Bass, Blaine Trump, Joanne de Guardiola, Marina Rust, Tory Burch and Jill Kargman sat rapt with Lowell’s tales of running away from boarding school, suffering a near-fatal burn and dating Bob Weinstein. Which, she said, was its own kind of traumatic. When the two went to the Oscars years ago, Weinstein disapproved of Lowell’s John Galliano gown and made the hotel’s housekeeper scissor off its mermaid hem. Lowell was understandably devastated. “This,”she recalled, “is sadder than the abuse.”

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