Jaime King

Those used to spotting Jaime King grace red carpets, where she’s still very much in her former fashion model element, will get to see the actress in a different light in her latest film, “B—h,” which premiered this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival.

The genre-bending indie, written and produced by Marianna Palka, who plays the title character, has received notice for strong performances by costars Jason Ritter and King, who play Palka’s husband and sister, respectively.

The films centers around a stay-at-home mom who reaches her breaking point and assumes the characteristics of a female dog. Her family struggles and ultimately transforms as they deal with the unusual situation.

The three are actually longtime friends; King and Ritter met when they worked on the television show “The Class” a decade ago, and Palka and Ritter cofounded the production company Morning Knight Inc.

“My whole life people have asked, ‘What’s your type?’ and my type of human being is the type that’s passionate. Marianna and I are very similar in the sense that we dive in completely into what it is we are trying to say or do,” King says.

She points to her unguarded style on social media. “Sometimes on Instagram people will say, ‘I love your feed, it’s so inspiring’ and sometimes I’ll make a post and go, ‘Am I too open? Am I too vulnerable?’ and it’s, like, ‘No. The world is so curated that it’s important to be who I am.”

King calls “B—h” the “anti-curation” film, saying, “It’s really balls to the wall.”

Having acted in mainstream and big studio fare, while producing and starring in her own sketch series, “Attention Deficit Theater” for the CW’s digital platform CW Seed, King understands all to well the Hollywood system. “A lot of times they say they want something like this but people usually back down from it because they get caught up in numbers and screenings and statistics. People are so used to operating out of fear, ironically, in a place like Hollywood which is supposed to be a creative hub. I have empathy for that.”

She’s happy to be in Park City, Utah, simply because “it’s really nice to just be able to just tell stories.”