WWD caught up with Jason Wu at W’s Shooting Stars exhibit Friday night, when he made a 24-hour trip to L.A.

WWD: When did you get into town?
Jason Wu: “I came in just for the day just for this, and we’re going to Germany tomorrow. [I will be] working on the fall collection. I’ve been at Boss for a year and this time we worked with W on this exhibit. We see Margot Robbie wearing a Boss dress in her Bill Viola portrait and I think it’s really about the idea of transformation. I love that idea, and I feel like in some many ways it’s what I’m doing at Boss as well, and also we found a nice partnership, and Stefano [Tonchi] has always been so supportive of me personally that it’s nice to be able to support him back through an exhibition that showcases the best of what W has to offer.”
WWD: What’s your favorite pic?
“It’s hard to choose. Gotta love the Kristen Stewart one. I mean, that’s beautiful but there’s so many to choose from, and of course the Margot Robbie because I’m biased.”
WWD: Is she a muse of yours?
“She is. I’ve been working with her a lot lately. She was in Hong Kong with me earlier last year for an event, and for the Guggenheim event in New York for Boss she came in wearing a tuxedo and nothing else underneath, and I think she’s such a talented actress, really someone on the rise and someone I believe deeply in and I hope we’ll see more collaboration with me and her.”
WWD:Who are you dressing for the Globes?
“Well we don’t know yet.”
WWD: Are you dressing any nominees?
“Maybe…Um, I mean I don’t know.”
WWD: Are you dressing Diane Kruger?
“No, we’re friends.”
WWD: What do you think this year’s red carpet trends will be?
“I think hopefully this year people will really think outside of the box. I think that’s really nice. Yeah, we love red carpet and color always. I think it’s about really sophisticated, deep colors this year.”
WWD: What can we expect from your fall collection?
“Something moody maybe. To be honest with you, not enough is done for me to be able to tell you. I’m inspired by everything I look at it, and who knows, Fashion Week is only a month away. Maybe I’ll be inspired by one of these pictures.”
WWD: Any other designers who inspire you?
To me, Christian Lacroix is forever inspirational. It’s like amazing use of color, print. He’s like a legend.”

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