With her “American Idol” Season 6 win, two hit albums and a current run on Broadway in “In the Heights,” Jordin Sparks can certainly afford to spend $80 on a bottle of fragrance. But she doesn’t want to sell her own for that price, as is evidenced in the price tag on her new scent.


Sparks’ scent, Because of You, is now entering a month-long exclusive at retailer Dots, for $9.50 for a 2.5-oz. bottle. The price will rise to $14.95 on Nov. 1, as the scent rolls into wider distribution. At a Wednesday morning breakfast introducing the scent to beauty editors, Sparks — clad in a fuchsia one-shouldered Diane von Furstenberg dress, a gold-and-crystal Swarovski snake ring (which unfortunately snagged the DVF) and black Max Azria platforms — held forth on everything from future plans to her favorite beauty products.


Judging Jordin: “I’m excited about the new judges on ‘American Idol.’ Jennifer Lopez was a real mentor to me my season and I admire her so much. And I kind of have a crush on Steven Tyler. It’s going to be interesting to see is one person going to stand out among the judges or if everyone will sort of be equal.” [Randy Jackson remains a judge, in addition to Lopez and Tyler.]


Next project?: “Hopefully, a unisex fragrance. I love men’s cologne and I’m not saying that some of my male fans won’t wear this one even though it’s for women, but I’d like my next fragrance to be unisex. And I’m working on a third album.”


Secret addiction: “The Cooking Channel. I just made 30 different cupcake recipes and made up one of my own, for carrot cake cupcakes. I’d love to own a bakery at some point. My grandmother could help me run it —she is an amazing baker! I’d also love to do a cookbook.”


Go-to retailer: “Old Navy! I just bought a pink cardigan there. I shop there all the time.”


New purchases: “Trenchcoats. I’ve got one in fuchsia and one in orange. It’s weird wearing them, because I’ve never lived anywhere with defined seasons.” [Sparks is originally from Phoenix.]


Inked up: This girl next door has tattoos all over her body — including her brother P.J.’s initials behind her left ear, a dove on her side in honor of a friend who died of melanoma, and a star on her right ring finger. “When I turned 18, my mom, my nana and I all went and had tattoos of our favorite Bible verses put on the inside of our wrists. Mine is 1st Timothy, 4:12.” [“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”] She’s not averse to getting more tattoos, but “I’m running out of places to hide them.”


Family ties: “It’s in my contract [for ‘In the Heights’] that I can go home for my brother’s high school football games during the run. I went home a few weeks ago and my nana made chicken and dumplings and my grandfather made root beer floats. I felt so rejuvenated when I came back to New York.”


Living quarters: “I have a two-bedroom apartment here because I want everyone who comes to visit to stay with me. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived on my own.”


Times she saw “In the Heights” before setting foot on stage: 35. “I watched it over and over so I could figure out the blocking, and it was and is slightly different every night.”


Being on Broadway vs. touring: “I am so used to being up on stage and talking to my fans that it’s strange to be on stage and be someone else. I can’t look at the audience during ‘In the Heights’ or I will start talking to them.”


Favorite beauty products: “Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil — I was so scared of oils, but I put it on at night and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. MAC Cosmetics Lip Gelee — I’m almost out of that, actually. Ouidad products for curly hair — those products changed my hair and my life; I actually like wearing my hair curly now because of them. And Kate Somerville skin care. If I use anything else, my skin goes crazy. Those are all my staples.”


Into dental hygiene: “I am very anal about brushing my teeth. I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse right now. I would love to do a toothpaste commercial at some point.”

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