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Napa, Calif. — John Traina‘s Fourth of July barn dance doesn’t usually draw the likes of Nicole Richie, Marisa Tomei, and Jordana Brewster up to Napa from Hollywood, but this year it did. The starlets weren’t there for potential photo ops — even the paparazzi-friendly Richie wouldn’t allow photographers to get a shot of her at the hoedown. Instead, the gang — which included Vanessa and Samantha Traina, Dede Wilsey, Alexis Swanson, Sally Debenham, Summer Tompkins, Karen Caufield, Diane Chapman and Therese Post — do-si-doed with lariat-twirling rhinestone cowgirls, Uncle Sam stilt walkers and cowboy card players well past midnight.

“This is the first Saturday night I’ve had away from the restaurant for years,” said Laura Cunningham, manager of the nearby French Laundry and girlfriend of chef-owner Thomas Keller, as she leaped onto the dance floor. “I’m going to make the most of it.”

Adria Bini, just in from her family’s estate in Arezzo, Italy, wore a flouncy white peasant skirt with an elaborate beaded and fringed Moroccan belt. She admitted it didn’t exactly scream patriotism. “It’s my Italian way of celebrating the Fourth of July,” she quipped. “I don’t wear a lot of red or blue.”

Brewster, however, was much more comfortable representing her homeland, seeing as she’d been doing so for months in film. The dark-haired actress recently finished shooting “Annapolis,” which will be released in January.

“It’s kind of ‘Top Gun’ meets ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,’ set at the Naval Academy in Annapolis,” she said. “I play the wise, older, upperclassman who gets [actor] James Franco through training.”

And presumably sails away into the sunset.

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