Kanye West front row at Yeezy RTW Fall 2016

As anyone who follows Kanye West on Twitter already knows, the rapper and fashion designer has a lot to say. Yesterday, he sat down with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and in typical Yeezy style covered many bases in a short period, from asking Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million on Twitter, to how the media perceives him, old-school hip-hop and his creative licenses. And of course, he touched on his passion for fashion.

“When I make clothes — it’s funny, I was sitting there talking with Obama and we were talking about the environment, and then I’m talking about clothes, and everyone looks at me like, ‘That’s not an important issue,'” he said. “But I remember going to school in the 5th grade and wanting to have a cool outfit. I called the head of Payless, I’m like, I want to work for you. I want to take all of this information I’ve learned from sitting at all of these fashion shows and knocking on all these doors and buying all these expensive clothes. And I want to take away bullying.”

Kanye’s long-winded and rhythmic delivery came across more slam poetry than talk show conversation at points, but he is apt to take an artistic approach to his communication. And he doesn’t regret it — at least when it comes to Twitter.

“Have you regretted anything that you’ve tweeted?” DeGeneres asked West.


“You never go, ‘Maybe I should have thought about that longer?'” she pressed again.

“Whats the point of thinking?”

The episode will air in full today.

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