Kanye West in a Use Your Illusion '91 tour t-shirt.

Kanye West has done the inevitable: He joined Instagram. West tweeted back in March that he was thinking of creating an account, and true to form, he said he’d join on the condition that no one tell him what to post. Sorry, Kim.

West seemingly fell prey to Instagram’s effects over the weekend. He’s barely been on the platform for two days and he’s already pushing a million followers. His account is verified, but unlike his Twitter, West isn’t following anyone — not even his selfie queen wife — yet. His inaugural post? A still from what appears to be the 1990 movie “Total Recall.”


What sparked West to join Instagram is a mystery. Was it sheer boredom? Curiosity about his wife’s ever-active account? A desire to better connect with his fans? Or, as one Instagram user pondered, was he paid to join? (Most likely not.)

Furthermore, what does his first post mean? Is it a proclamation of his love for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies? Is there a hidden message we’re not picking up on here? Whatever the post’s significance, West fans seem to be delighted they have one more way to connect with him.

Knowing how infamously vocal West is on Twitter, it will be interesting to see how he decides to use Instagram. His feed could become a way for him to gauge reactions to his latest Yeezy designs, a curation of his favorite stills from throwback movies or a bunch of pictures asserting his “visionary” status.

West recently received criticism for his Yeezy Season 4 show at fashion week. The show kept hundreds of attendees waiting for more than an hour in the sun on Roosevelt Island and saw models faint. Amina Blue was among the models who faltered in Yeezy heels, and she eventually took them off altogether. A rep for the rapper-designer told WWD earlier this month that the heels will “undergo further, rigorous trials before reaching the consumer.”