In the last few years Donna Karan and her organization Urban Zen have hosted benefits for virtually every disease currently afflicting mankind, so it came as no surprise that she opened up her late husband’s studio on Charles Street for Mercy Corps Thursday night.


The organization provides humanitarian aid to developing countries, helping them get food, and teaching people skills that they can use to help themselves. “It’s about finding calm amidst the chaos,” said the designer in one of her trademark new age abstractions. “At Urban Zen, we’re just at the seed level now but I’m blown away and inspired by what they do at Mercy Corps.” On hand for the party were Chiara Clemente, Linda Wells, and co-host Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, whose other charitable duties right now include a lot of stump work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. “I go down to Florida in the middle of next week and then I await instructions from them on where to go next,” she said with a smile.





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