Karlie Kloss at a Kode with Klossy panel at an Amazon Fashion x Calvin Klein pop-up.

The future is and will continue to be shaped by tech,” Karlie Kloss declared on Thursday evening. She was sitting in a room above Amazon Fashion x Calvin Klein’s SoHo holiday pop-up, where she was due to moderate a Kode With Klossy panel discussion on the intersection of technology, fashion and media.

“That’s why my work with Kode With Klossy is a big focus for me and for a lot of our girls are here,” she continued. “We have over 30 Kode With Klossy girls who are joining for the panel tonight to listen and be a part of the experience.” Indeed, dozens of young women — and their mothers — showed up for the panel, with even more participating virtually via social media streams. In addition to Kloss, panel participants included Condé Nast’s Phillip Picardi, Meredith Talusan of Them., Amani Alkhat of Muslim Girl and Farnaz Azmoodeh of Snapchat.

Kloss, who started Kode With Klossy in 2014, stressed the importance of giving young women the tools to use technology to their advantage. She expressed her gratitude to Calvin Klein, who gave her her first runway modeling job about 10 years ago, and called the collaboration with Amazon Fashion “an innovative step in the right direction of the future of the fashion setting.” She also shared her thoughts on Bitcoin, which saw unexpected surges in value earlier this week.

“I know more about it than I thought I [would] only because my dad is a major enthusiast,” she offered. “My dad is hysterical. He has this whole scheme to buy a bunch of [Bitcoin]. Because of my dad and his interest in turning our garage into a Bitcoin mine and putting solar panels on the roof, I have gotten into all this. He’s actually onto something. It’s crazy. I saw they hit over $16,000. A month ago it was like $5,000.

I wish I would have bought into it a couple of years ago,” she continued. “But I’m definitely paying attention to it and who knows? My dad might turn our garage into a Bitcoin mine.” Perhaps it’s time for a Mining with Klossy session, too.

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