Kate BosworthRachel ZOEasis, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Palm Springs, USA - 15 Apr 2017

No stranger to the Coachella scene, festival alum and California girl Kate Bosworth is also a fan of Palm Springs. In town to support friend Rachel Zoe and the third annual Zoeasis Style Retreat presented by The Zoe Report on Saturday, the actress sat down with WWD to discuss her latest projects, including a collaboration with Los Angeles-based sunglasses designer Jacques Marie Mage, and how to dress for the desert.

WWD: What are you wearing today?
Kate Bosworth:
Rachel Zoe Collection and an MCM [bag] and Roger Vivier, which I have been obsessed with for a while. They’re like fancy-pants Birkenstocks. These are for outside festival use only. And these are glasses that I designed with Jacques Marie Mage. They’re numbered and limited. I named them “Fascination Street.” [Designer Jerome Mage] was introduced to [my husband] Michael [Polish] and I. He really wanted to do an artist-muse series, so he asked Michael and I because we both feel like we are interchangeable artist and muse. Sometimes I am his muse, sometimes he is my muse, and we are both artists. They come out in June, and they are sold on Moda Operandi. They are super light. That’s all titanium.

WWD: What do you seek out in a collaboration?
I love working with different like-minded artists. I used to be open to everything but now I feel it’s very important that, whomever I am collaborating with, that we have a similar vision. I don’t mind discussing and conversing over differences — that’s totally welcome and I have a good time with it — but sometimes when you’re on two separate pages it can get tough. That goes for anything, whether it’s a film or a fashion collab.

WWD: How many times have you been to Coachella?
It’s countless now, but I rarely trek out onto the field. I’ve passed that baton to my stepdaughter. She’ll be running around and getting dirty and getting blisters on her feet. Now I come and see friends and have a nice weekend in Palm Springs. I am also going to shoot the campaign for Jerome in Joshua Tree.

WWD: What draws you to the desert still?
I love Palm Springs and I was born in California. It’s an iconic California experience, to be in the desert with my husband, and have a day where you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of the desert.

WWD: What has been keeping you busy lately?
I just produced a movie that my husband directed, called “Nona.” He wrote the script. It’s about human trafficking. We financed it ourselves. He filmed it in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico City, Tijuana and back to L.A. I had two Navy SEALs with him down there because there is so much corruption and danger and cartel activity. But the subject matter is incredibly important to bring attention to, it’s the number-one black market in the world. And I filmed a miniseries for NatGeo called “The Long Road Home.” It’s a true story based on Martha Raddatz’s book about an infantry in Iraq.

WWD: What is the key to desert dressing?
K.B.: You always think about the heat. It’s always shocking. We came by helicopter. We flew up in the higher altitudes and it felt so nice, then suddenly you’re descending and it’s, oh my gosh, I can feel the heat coming. And even something as simple as shoes. Your feet swell so much in the desert and I remember the first year I came to Coachella, I would Band-Aid my whole foot. Now I am more mindful of things like that.

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