Kate Hudson Fabletics

Kate Hudson certainly has abs of steel — and she’s putting them to good use.

The actress, mother, health enthusiast and ath-leisurewear designer has teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to become this year’s ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. And she’s bolstering the partnership with a capsule collection to support the cause under her three-year-old fitness apparel firm Fabletics.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Hudson on why she decided to partner with the CFDA and accept the role of ambassador. “I think every person has had an experience, or a friend, or parent or themselves, that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. When you think about it, it’s very scary, but we’ve come so far…We’ve got more and more survivors, but it’s something that’s still very much a part of our lives.”

For the capsule collection, which includes one pair of capri leggings, a bralette and two tank tops, Hudson was keen to create a line that women actually want to wear — not only buy it for the cause.  “For me, it’s important for the outfit to be a really great outfit. I want people to not only purchase it for the right reason, I want them to love it.” Hudson was especially particular when it came to the shades of pink used in the collection. No saccharine baby pink here. “I obviously wanted to do something pink, but we wanted to up the color,” she said. “It’s a pink with some depth to it.”

With over a million customers signed onto the subscription fitness apparel company, Hudson should know. The actress was early in on the ath-leisure trend that is dominating the runways and retail at the moment, with collections as high-end as Versace and Vetements offering sporty sweatshirts and track pants. “What’s interesting now is that [athletic wear] is on-trend. When we were formulating the company we were very active people, and found that there was a hole in the market for affordable athletic wear that was actually cute. I think that the reason why everything become trendy is…because it’s real. You want to be comfy when you want to work out.”

As for Fabletic’s top-sellers? It’s all about the leggings. “Our leggings are hands down what girls keep coming back for,” said Hudson, who is especially excited to launch the brand’s first high-waisted leggings. They’re great, she says,”for anyone who has kids or hasn’t had kids but maybe wants that support.”

And as for getting those Kate Hudson abs of steel, there are ways. “I just got this black Cadillac [Pilates machine] delivered to my house. I am a Pilates person, I always come back to Pilates. I do dance-oriented workouts and every once in a while when I need to let it out I go to Soul Cycle and let it rip.”


Kate Hudson Fabletics

Kate Hudson teamed up with the CFDA and created a limited-edition Fabletics collection to support breast cancer awareness. 


Kate Hudson Fabletics

Hudson models a look from the line. 


Kate Hudson and Fabletics for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

The capsule collection.