Kate MaraShopbop presents 'Make Fall Yours', New York, USA - 07 Sep 2017

Kate Mara has been making the fashion week rounds, on Thursday sitting front row at Noon by Noor before slipping into a Red Valentino frock and heading to SoHo for a cocktail celebrating Shopbop’s redesign and fall campaign. On Friday, she’ll stop by Club Monaco’s presentation before heading out for the Toronto Film Festival, where she has two films premiering.

WWD caught up with the actress ahead of the weekend during Shopbop’s Thursday night event, during which she browsed the retailer’s colorful interactive displays and posed with puppies available for adoption. “A lot of times you’re introduced to new designers and new brands during fashion week, but this is one I’m really familiar with,” said Mara. “It’s the website I go on the most to shop, truly.”

Her colored reaction to Noon by Noor: “It was beautiful! It was my favorite colors: red, white and black so I was in heaven.”

She has a busy schedule for the TFF: “I have a film called ‘Chappaquiddick’ which is about Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, and the horrible tragedy that happened, and that premieres on Sunday. I haven’t actually seen that movie yet, so I’m excited to see what it’s like. I have another film called ‘My Days of Mercy’ which is a drama-love story with myself and Ellen Page.”

On watching “Chappaquiddick” for the first time with the crowd: “I’m not in every scene, so it will be an easier experience for me. I can sort of get lost in it, because I wasn’t there for a certain amount of the film. When you’re in every scene it’s a whole other story — I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

The one other TFF screening on her schedule: “I’ll go to my husband’s [Jamie Bell] but otherwise we’re kind of totally jam-packed with press and stuff. That’s the only downside to festivals, you don’t have time to go to any other movies.”

The other fall film on her radar: “I’m going to see ‘Hostiles,’ the Christian Bale and Scott Cooper movie. I hear it’s really dark. I really want to see that.”

She voted for the Emmys (but can’t say who): “I’m excited. I’ll definitely be watching.”

Kate MaraShopbop presents 'Make Fall Yours', New York, USA - 07 Sep 2017

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