Kendall Jenner at Fashion Week

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This seems to be Kendall Jenner’s message to her Instagram followers — only, even her most avid supporters can no longer comment on her page, as she’s disabled all comments following the backlash she received for her Vogue España shoot.

Vogue España released a video and photo shoot earlier this week that featured Jenner posing as a ballerina. The model sashayed and posed in a dance studio for the shoot, which sparked outrage among the ballet community. Jenner’s critics deemed the shoot offensive and felt that she was making light of the rigorous training ballerinas undergo.

Allison DeBona, a first soloist at Ballet West, was among those who came to Jenner’s defense. In a lengthy Facebook post, DeBona revealed that she had once done a shoot for Vogue Italia in which she was asked to look like a ballerina. She, too, received criticism for her shoot, as some felt she looked too sexy.

“To the ballet world, it seems to me as if there is never a perfect condition for you,” DeBona wrote. “As far as Kendall Jenner and the Vogue España shoot, she’s a beautiful young girl whose job is to do what she’s asked to do. Not really sure of the reason behind it except maybe all girls dream of being a ballerina on stage and she’s in her room playing as one? Regardless, I’m a ballerina and did make a video with pointed feet and straight legs.”

Jenner hasn’t directly addressed the controversy and she posted two pictures from her shoot with Vogue earlier this week on Instagram. She has since disabled all comments on her account. This approach to dealing with social media’s worst aspect — online bullying — is becoming more common among celebrities. Though she remains silent on the matter, Jenner’s message is clear: Take the hate elsewhere.