Kendall Jenner at the Fashion for Relief event in Cannes

If you tip with cash instead of charging it to your card, did you even tip at all? According to Kendall Jenner’s latest batch of critics, the answer is no.

The Adidas Originals ambassador found herself in the middle of yet another social media-bred controversy on Monday when users took note of an Instagram from Brooklyn bar Baby’s All Right. The bar reportedly posted a photo of what appeared to be Jenner’s receipt with the caption, “Don’t forget to tip your bartender.”

The post was later deleted, but apparently not quickly enough, as viewers began expressing their concern over Jenner’s supposed bad tipping habits to social media. The model eventually caught wind of the criticism and posted a succinct response to her Twitter last night.

Jenner has been under the close watch of social media — as her famous family tends to be — but more so since her Pepsi ‘Moments’ campaign blunder. Recently, she was seen posing au naturel with a cigarette in hand only to announce that she doesn’t, in fact, smoke. Her unprompted declaration was mirrored by her friend, Bella Hadid, who announced the next day that she had quit smoking altogether.

Let it be known: Jenner is both anti-smoking and pro-tipping. Though when it comes to the latter, cash is the mode of preference.

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