Kahlana Brown (moderator), Khloe Kardashian, Emma GredeGood American and SIX:02 Launch Performance Line with Co-Founders Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian in New York City, USA - 02 Aug 2018

NEW YORK – You have to wake up pretty early to catch a Kardashian.

Heading for the train to Westchester at 2:30 a.m. Thursday, 19-year-old Shomari Harper spontaneously joined the line outside of Foot Locker’s Times Square store for a Khloé Kardashian-hosted event. Nearly eight hours later, the reality star and her Good American cofounder Emma Grede turned up for the Six:02 Good American launch. (Others staked out sidewalk space at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.) Like many of the 650 or so customers who greeted the 34-year-old entrepreneur, Harper was there for the sighting more than the cobranded leggings.

“I just love everything about Khloé — her personality, her confidence. She just gives so much love. She is such a great person,” he said. As for shopping, the 19-year-old said, “I’m going to see how the prices go. I’m kind of budgeting now.”

In an all-black zip-neck top, leggings, a jacket tied around her waist, and Nike sneakers, Kardashian chatted about motherhood, motivation, working out, unsolicited advice and two-faced women. Sharing the stage with Grede and InStyle’s Kahlana Barfield Brown, the social media personality spoke about how being curvy doesn’t mean being unhealthy. While the brand is all about inclusivity, Kardashian was all about relatability. Not holding back, she dropped a few f-bombs in explaining the brand’s and her take on empowerment.

Making the point that, “A lot of women will say, ‘Oh, we support each other’ and as soon as they leave your face, they really don’t,” Kardashian said Great American’s Good Squad team is genuinely supportive of each other. “It’s so refreshing. In this world, especially in the fashion industry, people are just not like that. They’re like, ‘Oh, you look great,’ but they’re coming to rip your wig off. Everyone’s so bitchy,” she said. “Let’s just empower and uplift people. It’s just that simple. But it’s not that simple.”

With a three-month-old daughter, True, the Los Angeleno spoke about the challenges of being a mother and getting back in shape. Scrolls through Instagram Explorer pages help to get her to the gym, and looking more than presentable is essential. Unlike 15 years ago, when you would go to the gym in your boyfriend’s T-shirt, “looking kind of frumpy and not wanting to see anybody, nowadays with social media we are in our athletic clothes all day long. Also, the better I feel in my workout clothes, I work out harder. I Snap it. We live in a social media world, so why not promote that?” she said.

She has more than 105 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. But Kardashian isn’t always up for any high-intensity cardio. “There are days when I put on workout clothes and I pretend that I went to the gym, and I never did. I was just running around. I think that’s why me and Emma [Grede] were like, ‘F–k for the days we just want to look cute but we’re just too lazy…”

Available in double-0 to 22, the Six:02 Good American collection is geared for a wide range of body types. Recalling how she once was a size 14 or 16 shopper, Kardashian said: “That wasn’t where my sisters were shopping and I always felt very embarrassed to go shopping with my sisters or my girlfriends.”

Chins up as if to amplify hearing, several in the crowd of 150 nodded approvingly as she spoke. Unfazed by the 75-minute wait earlier, guests sang along to the DJ’s mix that included tracks by Drake, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. At one point, 20 staffers in the Six:02 Good American concept shop couldn’t hold back, dancing together. Like the 20-minute conversation that followed, somehow none of this seemed scripted. Weightlifter Kylie Vincent, fitness trainer Emily Skye and other Good Squad members greeted fans on the sidewalk with more than a passing wave.

But back to the activewear. Post-childbirth “your tummy just isn’t the same,” but extra-support leggings help, along with trips to the trainer, Kardashian said. That routine works for her since she knows “she can’t let him down.” (Militant ones who “f—ing yell at me,” are not her thing.) But baby-induced tiredness is another level. “I just said to my sisters, ‘How do you have more than one kid?’ I’m exhausted,” she said.

Somehow exercise is a psychological necessity. She said, “Working out for me is more about mental health. It’s not necessarily health. Yeah, a part of it is [it makes] you look good. But for me, it’s for my sanity.”

Her baby True, whom she was away from for the first time, is an automatic heart-meter, Kardashian said, even though she hasn’t been able to get her to giggle. “I’ve been doing the craziest things to try to get her to laugh,” she said, adding that her daughter lights up whenever her father, basketball star Tristan Thompson, appears. Kardashian added, “I’m protesting. I’m not going to FaceTime her.”

Although she never referred to Thompson by name, she did gab about her two older sisters. “I love their advice. How Kim gives advice is she just kind of leaves you with it, and you do what you please with it. There’s no judgment, if you use it or you don’t. With Kourtney, it’s more like, ‘Oh you have a TV in the nursery. Why? That’s so bad or whatever.’ I’m like, ‘I’m breastfeeding; I just want the option if I want to watch TV. I was like, ‘Take my kid away from me. There are worse things,’” Kardashian said. “It’s more like the side-eye. Educate me why I shouldn’t have that and then I can decide.”

Kardashian said she is realistic about setting goals, opting for “small, attainable goals,” such as losing 5 pounds in three weeks. She added that she is “so sick and tired” of people saying they want to lose 50 pounds by September, “which is never going to happen,” and that mentality only leads to people getting really down on themselves. Setting goals that are in reach magnifies further gains, “then when you get there you feel so accomplished so you set another goal,” she said.

Once the on-stage chat wrapped up, security guards helped to funnel Kardashian outside for a little face time with the 500-plus fans. Their cheers indicated that her fame continues to gain, 11 years after the Ryan Seacrest-produced “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” debuted. After a few minutes of selfie ops and handshaking, Kardashian buzzed through the Six:02 Good American concept shop. Select shoppers would later leaf through the racks.

By that time, the sidewalk crowd had converged on the building’s back door, hoping for one last sighting of Kardashian. Save for one disheartened fan, who walked away toward a friend and said, “It’s an animal pit.”

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