At Tuesday night’s L.A. party to celebrate her GQ cover, Kim Kardashian took a few minutes to chat with WWD about how she slimmed down to shoot post-baby, how North and Saint are doing and all about Kanye’s infamous “Famous” video.

WWD: Why was it time for a GQ moment?
Kim Kardashian:
GQ is iconic, so when I got the call to do their anniversary cover, the summer issue, I thought, “You know what? It’ll be a really good goal to motivate me to get me to do my diet perfectly.” I still wasn’t quite at my goal weight when we shot it, but I was working so hard and it was that motivation for me. You set a date for a shoot and you know you have to be there. It made me feel so good about myself knowing I had come so far. I had to lose, like, 60 pounds to get there. I had just had my second baby. I thought, “I want to feel sexy again. I want to feel good about myself,” and that was what did it for me.

WWD: What did your routine consist of?
I woke up every day at six in the morning and worked out. I did a strict Atkin’s diet. Strict, strict, strict. It was really hard for me to diet [with the] first baby. This time was so much easier and I realized [it comes down to] the food. I mean, I love to work out and you definitely have to work out to tone up, but so much of it is how you eat. I had to really stay focused. I had to cut out all the sweets and I had such a sweet tooth. After-baby body? I welcome that challenge. It’s so crazy to see what your body can go through and what it’s capable of.

WWD: What photographers would you still love to work with?
I think Steven Meisel is so major. I would love to work with him. I still have never worked with Mario Testino and I love him and I see him all the time. He’s shot me [with a] hand-held, you know, just around at parties. I’d love to also work with a lot of young newcomers that people don’t really know about yet.

WWD: How has your style evolved since your show first debuted?
I think I was super-trendy and then I learned a lot about fashion being with Kanye. Years ago, like maybe 2009, he gave me a Carine Roitfeld book and said, “This should be your fashion bible. She is everything.” And now, having worked with her and having her pick out clothes that I wear is incredible. It’s such a full-circle moment, such a dream come true. I love fashion. And I love to experiment, try new things. I think my style has evolved a lot; the more you know, the more you travel, the more you meet people, you become educated and you [dress] better.

WWD: What are you up to this summer?
We’re shooting [season 13 of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”] I would love a vacation, but I don’t know if I’m going to get one this summer. My husband starts his tour, so we’re going to do that with the babies. His tour is super easy. He does a few weeks, and then he’s home for a few weeks. It’ll be fun.

WWD: What have been the latest milestones with North and Saint?
North just turned three. Saint is, like, almost standing. He’s only six months, but he is literally almost standing. It’s wild. He’s the best. He’s the sweetest. I showed him a dog today. He got a little scared. North loves dogs, so I said, “If you talk your dad into getting you a dog, your brother has to be comfortable,” and he was so not comfortable, so it saved me for a little bit longer from having to go and get a dog. She’s not cleaning up after it, so I want to stall for as long as possible.

WWD: Did you see your husband’s “Famous” video before its premiere?
I actually never saw the final edit of it. I did that kind of on purpose because I love to be surprised. It was, like, three, four months in the making, so I obviously knew it was going on, but I didn’t actually see the final cut until he debuted it at The Forum. It was really cool.

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