2016 is turning into quite the year for directorial debuts, and Kirsten Dunst is the latest to take the plunge. The seasoned actress is moving behind the cameras for the first time on her next feature film set, an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s seminal novel “The Bell Jar.” Dunst co-wrote the script for the movie along with Nellie Kim and production is set to begin next year.

Dunst might have caught the directing bug from her close friends Kate and Laura Mulleavy — the actress stars in the Rodarte designers’ debut directorial effort “Woodshock,” currently in post-production. The film — which the sisters also wrote — takes a similarly dark note to Plath’s novel, following a woman who descends into paranoia after taking a drug.

Will the Mulleavys contribute costumes to Dunst’s “The Bell Jar” adaptation? It doesn’t seem too far of a possibility — Dakota Fanning, a fellow Rodarte devotee, is slated to star in the role of Esther Greenwood. Curiously enough, Fanning also stars in the directorial debut of another seasoned actor: Ewan McGregor’s 1960s period film “American Pastoral,” which premieres later this fall and is based on Philip Roth’s 1997 novel of the same title.