Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane is waiting for her diamonds to arrive. The hair has been teased, the eyes lined, the sneakers picked out, but the sparkle remains at large — or, rather, on the back of a David Yurman messenger, caught in midday traffic.

Diamonds are the preferred accessory of choice for the rapper these days: chains are old news.

“I actually got my first chain a long time ago. My producer bought me a chain. And then I gave it to a girl because I was an idiot,” Shane says, wrapped in a throw on a sofa in her room at the Mondrian hotel in Midtown Manhattan, her brand-new black Nike Off-White Prestos curled underneath. “She didn’t give me my chain back. So then we stopped communicating. It wasn’t even my girlfriend. She never gave me my chain back. I haven’t seen her in forever. Shout-out to you if you listening to this — you know you got my chain!”

On one of her first visits to New York, she went into Popular Jewelry at the suggestion of K$upreme and bought her first chain, a gold strand. “And now I’ve stepped it up to the diamonds,” she says. “It’s a good stage to get to.”

Shane is the 19-year-old rapper to watch, with a slew of singles — a new one drops today — and, at long last, her debut album due this September from Epic Records. In other words, that girl who is holding onto Shane’s first gold chain might see the thing increase in value over the next few years.

Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane  Lexie Moreland/WWD

Though Shane prefers Rick Owens (per her mother), she’s dressed in Urban Outfitters for the day, the product of a last-minute shopping excursion her mom just completed. She’s been in town for a few days before she heads to Los Angeles to shoot her latest video. Between press commitments she tried to go out, but with no such luck.

“I tried to, like, hang out, but it made me realize why I never try to hang out. Parties are so ass,” she says. “You know how it used to be back in the day, how parties used to be? Everybody used to be dancing together and s–t? You might get lucky now and go to a party and it might be fun, but most of the time it’ll just be like ‘broooo.’”

Shane, who was signed shortly before her 17th birthday, was born Kodie Williams in Atlanta and spent most of her childhood in Chicago. She was introduced to music at an early age: her sister Brandi Williams was in the group Blaque, and Shane went along on tour as a baby.

Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane  Lexie Moreland/WWD

“I pretty much always knew I’d been doing entertainment or something in that realm,” she says. “I never really knew where I fit in, so once I found music when I was 15, 16, I was like ‘yeah. This is what I want to do.’ I discovered that I even had an actual talent for it and I discovered that I could really write.”

Her debut album is a compilation of music written throughout her teen years. “I’m about to be 20 in October, so it’s just growing up and growing out. I’ve been making this album my whole life. I want it to be so big I don’t even need to drop another album,” she says, flashing her smile. “Like Lauryn Hill.”

Her plans for post-album drop life?

“After the album drops, who knows what’s going to happen. I’m riding off into the sunset,” she says. Perhaps then a new jewelry purchase is in order?

“I should, shouldn’t I?”

Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane  Lexie Moreland/WWD

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