Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Inside, Los Angeles, USA - 15 Oct 2016

Kristen Bell earned fanboys and fangirls everywhere with her first starring role in “Veronica Mars.” Nearly a decade after the cult series ended, she’s back on primetime in the NBC comedy “The Good Place” with Ted Danson, in which she plays a very bad person who dies and accidentally ends up in heaven. The actress took a few minutes during Saturday’s Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic to chat about her latest project, how she keeps her marriage to Dax Shepard strong, and what’s on her DVR playlist.

WWD: Congratulations on the show; it’s been the sleeper hit of the season.
Kristen Bell:
Thank you, I really, really like shooting it because it’s an ideal job for me. It’s working with people I love and it gives me a ton of family time. I hope that it runs for a long, long time. I’m also excited for people to discover Mike Schur, our creator. He’s done a ton of great comedic work but I really think he’s talking about something larger that is really important right now in his tiny ethical lessons per episode. And I’m really happy that it’s been well received.

WWD: Your character mulls over what she could have done better when she was alive. Is there anything you’d change now versus when you were younger?
To be honest, nothing matters. Everything that you are putting stock in is sort of irrelevant because once you become an adult, you are no longer pigeonholed with any label, you can become whoever you want to be. So just know however you may feel in any moment, it drastically changes when you become an adult.

WWD: You and husband Dax Shepard are #RelationshipGoals for so many people. Is that surreal for you guys?
Very! I certainly love our relationship and it takes a lot of work but we’re also very committed to being open and honest. And I think we’ve somehow figured out how to bypass a lot of bulls–t and figured out how to be truly vulnerable. And I think that’s what makes us strong.

WWD: With two young daughters, how important is finding time for a date night? And what do you do?
It’s very important. Mostly we binge watch TV. After the kids go to bed, we’re very into binge watching our DVR list.

WWD: What do you watch?
Only our own shows. We can’t get enough of ourselves. No, we have really been into “Last Man on Earth” recently. We never miss a “Frontline” or a “60 Minutes.” We’re devoted to John Oliver. Lately, there’s a great series called “Race to the White House” about all of the elections and who faced off against who, just more in-depth coverage. It’s really interesting. But every three weeks or so we set a time to get a sitter and actually go out because we never leave our house and we have to remind ourselves on the calendar and force ourselves to get out.

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