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“Is he here? You can never be sure with him,” wondered French rocker Sébastien Tellier, as he waited alongside Tatiana Santo Domingo, Lou Doillon and Lea Drucker for Britain’s wild child of rock, Pete Doherty, at Joseph’s Avenue Montaigne store party Monday night.

Keeping the suspense going when asked what set he’d play, Doherty joked: “A cappella. I lost my guitar.”

“It’s going to be a tricky audience this,” Doherty judged as he shushed the crowd, in which Emma de Caunes and Joana Preiss jostled for space.

“I have goose bumps,” said de Caunes after the hour-long acoustic set. “All I ask of music is that it moves me, and that was moving.”

“He’s one of the few musicians I respect,” said Tellier, who was dressed bang on-trend in a fur-trimmed coat. “Fur is mainly for women and Russian men, but I love women’s clothes. I wish I’d been a woman.”

Irina Lazareanu meanwhile, danced and cheered Doherty. “We’ve known each other since we were 15. He’s my best mate and he’s a bit tired,” she said afterward.

The model, who’s just finished her album, is set to start work on a movie. “But I can’t say which, I’ll get killed,” she said.

Doherty said he’s working on a “little film” himself, based on Alfred de Musset’s “La Confession d’un enfant du siècle.” Also on tap is a jewelry line he’s designing with British designer Hannah Martin, which will go on sale at Joesph stores in the fall.

Josephine de la Baume talked up “Les Seigneurs,” a road movie alongside Vincent Cassel. “I play a drunk English girl who tries to get with Vincent Cassel and I manage in the end,” she giggled.

Across town, the not-so-secret midnight performer at Stella McCartney’s after party, Sibley, spent the early part of the evening in the ladies room. “I’m in hiding, they’re not letting me go out yet,” she giggled before her set.

On stage, the singer went into overdrive to energize a somewhat blasé crowd: “If I don’t see you guys dancing I’m gonna cry!” she hollered.

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