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Age: 21

Height: 5’10.5″

Instagram: @pavlovalia

Agency: One Management

Hometown: Pskov, Russia

Russian model Lia Pavlova earned top honors this season, walking in 71 shows — opening three and closing four — including Chanel, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dior and Alexander Wang. (Fun fact: Her twin sister, Odette, came in second place with 62 shows.) Pavlova also nabbed a spot in Gucci’s recent pre-fall campaign. Here, she comes up for air.


WWD: How does it feel to know that you’ve walked the most shows this season?

Lia Pavlova: It’s a weird feeling because I couldn’t imagine that it would happen, but I’m very happy and grateful.

WWD: Your twin sister, Odette, was the runner-up of the season with a total of 62 shows walked. Did you guys always know you wanted to be models?

L.P.: Never. It just happened. Thankfully we had an agency in Russia who really supported and believed in us and placed us with other agencies across the world.

WWD: What’s the biggest difference between you two?

L.P.: Odette has bigger lips, eyes and nose. Some people say Odette is more feminine and I’m more androgynous, I don’t know. Maybe it’s true. We have similar characters and we always have a lot of fun backstage.

WWD: What were some standout runway moments for you?

L.P.: The Givenchy show. The runway was like a labyrinth. It was so cool and at the same time a little bit of a challenge.

WWD: What were some of the most stressful moments of the season?

L.P.: I had to shoot a campaign at the beginning of the season so I missed a lot of the castings for New York Fashion Week. This was a little stressful for me but in the end everything worked out really well.

WWD: What are your tricks for staying focused during such a hectic, stressful time?

L.P.: To keep in your mind that you are not the only one who is tired — all the designers, stylists, casting directors and other models feel the same way. When everyone understand and helps each other, it helps to put me in a good mood.

WWD: Do you have any funny memories from the shows?

L.P.: Some of the funniest memories from the shows are the conversations you have with other models who become your friends. When everyone is tired and all you want to do is sleep, it’s important to try to have fun to help you get through.

WWD: What was your favorite hair-and-makeup look?

L.P.: I loved the beautifully simplistic hair and makeup at the Paul Smith show.

WWD: What do you carry with you at all times during fashion week?

L.P.: Some plasters. [Brit slang for Band-aids.]

WWD: What do you do backstage to pass the time?

L.P.: Rest, eat and read.

WWD: What did you do after the shows every night?

L.P.: In the evening after shows, I normally had fittings every night for shows the next day. After fittings, sleep, sleep, sleep!

WWD: What would be your advice to a model who is walking the runway for the first time?

L.P.: Don’t worry and just try to do your best for all the people who worked so hard to make it an important show and day.

WWD: Have you learned any lessons about fashion week from when you first started walking in the shows?

L.P.: All people think that it’s an easy job but it’s not.